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Do you ever wonder why your dentist, Dr. William Wilson, Dr. Gary Wegmann, or Dr. Daniel Choo, recommends receiving a dental cleaning every six months? If so, our dental team is more than happy to tell you why! We understand it might be hard to attend your appointments if you don’t know the purpose behind them. So, we would like to tell you why dental cleanings are important and tell you about the ways they can help you.

First, dental cleanings can prevent cavities. This is because they remove the plaque that attacks the teeth and promotes tooth decay, and they strengthen the tooth enamel with a fluoride treatment, which makes it difficult for the cavity to form in the first place.

Second, dental cleanings can stop tooth loss. This is because it helps prevent gum disease, which is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. The cleaning removes the tartar (hardened plaque) from the teeth and along the gumline before it gets the chance to attack and deteriorate the underlying bone, causing loose and lost teeth.

Third, dental cleanings can brighten your smile. This is because the polishing treatment provided removes the surface stains on your enamel. This whitens your teeth and helps you have a more attractive smile.

Do you have any questions about dental cleanings in Chicago, Illinois? If so, please reach out to our dental office, Chicago Osteopathic Hospital Dental Clinic PC, at 773-947-4665 when you have the opportunity. Our dental team is here to help you in any way we can, and we look forward to giving you the answers you need!