Dental crowns are a type of dental restoration used to repair a smile that has experienced moderate to severe decay or damage. Our dentists may suggest a dental crown in Chicago, Illinois, to:

  • Repair a tooth that has lost a significant amount of tooth structure
  • Prevent a weakened tooth from cracking or falling apart
  • Hold a broken tooth together
  • Complete a traditional dental bridge
  • Make or repair a dental implant crown

Dr. Wilson, Dr. Wegmann, and Dr. Choo can generally design, create, and place a dental crown in just two visits to Chicago Osteopathic Hospital Dental Clinic PC. During the first visit, we will prepare the tooth and take impressions from which your crown will be made. A dental laboratory then creates each crown based on our specifications. Once the completed custom crown is sent back to our office, we check it for fit and quality before permanently cementing it in place. Dental crowns are ideal for restoring the size, shape, appearance, and function of a damaged tooth.

If would like to learn more about how we utilize dental crowns for your benefit, please give our friendly dental team a call. We are excited to restore your smile and overall dental health.