One of our most common dental restorations is dental fillings, also known as a tooth filling in Chicago, Illinois. Dental fillings are designed to restore the strength of your tooth structure after decay has been removed from your tooth enamel. At Chicago Osteopathic Hospital Dental Clinic PC, we offer two types of dental fillings: amalgam fillings and white fillings. Our dentists will work closely together with you to determine which type of dental filling will suit your smile best.

Amalgam fillings are made of metal alloys and are the easier of the two fillings to apply. Amalgam fillings are affordable and especially useful in children who will eventually lose their primary teeth. White fillings, also known as composite fillings, are made from a plastic that can be matched exactly to the color of your teeth. They are most often favored by our patients who want to maintain a more natural aesthetic.

Dr. Wilson, Dr. Wegmann, and Dr. Choo can generally place a dental filling in a single visit to our dental office. If you are experiencing tooth pain, you may be in need of a dental filling. To schedule your appointment, please contact our dental office today. We are excited to serve your smile and get you back to optimal dental health.