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Sleep apnea can cause several different problems depending on the severity of the problem. Snoring is one of the more common symptoms and leads to a host of other issues, including poor quality sleep. People suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea can often find relief from snoring by wearing a prescription snore guard at night. Your dentist can help you select the right type of snore guard for you.

There is a wide variety of snore guard designs on the market today. A prescription snore guard will help maintain ease of breathing, allowing you to snore less and stay asleep throughout the night. While there are a wide variety of designs, most snore guards fall into one of two categories.

Tongue Stabilizing Devices are more popular for people with dentures, because they do not need to be attached to the teeth.

Mandibular Advancement Devices have several different designs. Some units might have hinges, while others are made from a boil and bite thermoplastic compound.

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