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Did you know that as much as three million teeth are broken or knocked out every year due to dental trauma? While many of these teeth can be restored with immediate dental care, some can’t be helped and need to be replaced instead. If you have several missing teeth, we can provide a custom partial denture to restore your smile to full appearance and function.

When a tooth is too damaged to be restored, you can speak with Dr. William Wilson about your options for tooth replacement following the removal of any lingering tooth structure and roots that were left behind. If you prefer not to receive a dental implant through oral surgery, you may find that a partial denture is optimal for restoring your smile.

Partials are a type of denture used to restore a section of your mouth and regain its function by replacing missing teeth with a pink base that looks like healthy gums, with artificial teeth attached. Partial dentures are set in place with interlocking wires, but they can be removed when needed.

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