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Our dentist strongly encourages you to attend your dental checkups every six months. Your dental checkups are vital if you want a top-notch oral health and smile. To help you better understand why you should attend your dental checkups, our dental team will be happy to list the reasons. Your dental checkups can help you in a myriad of ways. They can:

-Help you prevent cavities: This is because the cleaning treatment removes the decay-causing substances from your teeth and gumline. The fluoride treatment provided can also strengthen your tooth enamel to help your teeth fight the bacteria that create cavities.

-Help you prevent gum disease: This is because the cleaning treatment removes the plaque and calculus (also known as tartar) from the teeth and gums. This is very helpful because plaque and calculus are the main causes of gum disease, and it’s very important to remove them regularly before they affect the oral health.

-Help you have a more attractive smile: This is possible because the polishing treatment can remove minor tooth stains to give you a whiter smile. The checkup can also give Dr. William Wilson the chance to treat your unattractive teeth and gums with a cosmetic dental treatment.

For more information and details about dental checkups in Chicago, Illinois, or to schedule your next appointment, please contact Chicago Osteopathic Hospital Dental Clinic PC and talk to a member of our dental team. All you need to do is dial 773-947-4665 and we will be thrilled to help you!