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Are you aware of the risk factors associated with incorrectly eating or consuming the wrong products? Optimum oral health consists of more than just cleaning your mouth out daily as you also need to practice effective lifestyle habits and eat healthy foods. Furthermore, eliminate unhealthy fruits from your diet to keep your smile safe.

One of the biggest risks to your oral health consists of constantly snacking on sugars and sweets. Several of these products contain copious amounts of sugar which can be converted into harmful acids in your mouth. Similarly, avoid carbs and sour sweets as they can easily cause dental erosion. Along the same lines, be aware that sticky and chewy sweets and other products that can get lodged between teeth will increase the rate at which tooth decay can occur. Also, exercise caution with hard snacks and sweets that can easily chip and crack your teeth if you bite into them too hard.

When looking for foods to eat that can enhance your oral health and strengthen your tooth enamel, consider products such as cheese, nuts, milk and chicken. These substances are known to be high in the minerals calcium and phosphorus. Calcium and phosphorus are beneficial for your oral health as they can help remineralize your teeth and help to protect your tooth enamel.

If your mouth is not producing enough saliva, you could be at an increased risk for dental damage. Thus, try chewing sugarless gum after meals or consume food such as apples and pears that are high in water, as they have both been shown to help strengthen your smile by producing saliva.

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