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One of the most effective treatments that you can receive from your dentist or not those that are intended to repair damage that has occurred, but rather those that are intended to prevent damage. This is especially true with tooth decay. Rather than waiting until your teeth are slowly being worn down and eaten through by acids, why not set an effective prevention plan in place to prevent it from occurring at all. To help keep your smile safe, consider the use of dental sealants.

Dental sealants are designed as thin coatings atop the chewing surfaces of teeth that are most vulnerable to tooth decay. With dental sealants in place, your back teeth, known as your molars, are much less likely to suffer from mental damage. Dental sealants are extremely popular amongst individuals of all ages. This is because your smile is constantly bombarded with tooth decay risks no matter your age. Even children are often at an extremely high risk for suffering from tooth decay.

Given all the unhealthy substances children are bombarded with today, it may be a good idea to have dental sealants placed in their mouths. They are safe and effective for use and can be applied as soon as a child’s first molars begin to grow in. This can occur as early as 5 years old. Once dental sealants are in place, the child will be at a much lower risk of tooth decay and cavities. According to multiple studies, a single application of dental sealants can lower your risk of tooth decay by as much as 80%. This is because they are resistant to acids that would otherwise chew through your tooth enamel. With dental sealants in place, your enamel stays safe and so too does the important structures within the root of your tooth.

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