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From whitening toothpaste to bleaching trays, professional teeth cleanings to veneers, most people are constantly working to improve their smile. While there are many ways to keep your pearly whites looking their best, we have compiled a list of four of the easiest ways you can improve your smile.

  • Change your toothbrush – After 2-3 months of healthy brushing, a toothbrush can become a little bit TOO well-loved. When the bristles start to fray or get stringy and flat, it’s time to get a new brush. Toothbrush sanitizers are also available to prolong the life of your toothbrush, but keep in mind that bacteria loves to live on improperly rinsed toothbrushes.
  • Drink fluoridated water Fluoride strengthens the tooth enamel, preventing excessive erosion and protecting the tooth from bacteria, infection, and cavities. Healthy enamel almost always leads to a healthy smile, and healthy enamel is developed by the strengthening power of fluoride. Most communities are bound by law to fluoridate their water with at least .7 mg/L, so you may not even have to go out of your way to get access to fluoridated water – you might already be drinking it.
  • Get your teeth professionally cleaned  – Getting your teeth professionally cleaned is only part of the equation that equals a well-kept smile. There are a few methods of professional teeth-cleaning that your dentist might suggest on your next visit. A regular cleaning is a minimal cleaning procedure that you should have performed once every six months. It is non-invasive and meant for those with little plaque on their teeth. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is meant for those with more serious plaque build-up and often requires a numbing agent as plaque build-up has usually spread beneath the gum line.
  • Use floss and mouthwash – Most people have floss and mouthwash available to use at home, but most only use a toothbrush in their day-to-day dental health routine. Using a toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash has proven to be the most effective solution in maintaining a healthy smile.