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Do you have a toothache that continues to bother you? Do you feel like it is getting better or worse? The most common cause for an actual toothache is damage to your pulp within the root of a tooth. If the pulp is damaged, it could lead to more serious problems, including infection and tooth loss.

There are a wide variety of causes that could be the reason your pulp was damaged. Oral injuries, catastrophic tooth loss, tooth extractions, infections, tooth decay, deep cavities, extreme tooth enamel loss, and others are all likely to result in the breakdown of your pulp and its nerve endings within it. As with all oral ailments, seek the help of your dentist.

Some treatments can be used to determine how serious your toothache is. If pain continues after using pain relieving medications, or your tooth appears visibly worse after 24 hours, you should seek help. If you are showing any signs of discharge, rashes in your mouth or on your face, or if you experience any fevers or chills, they could be signs that your toothache is getting worse.

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