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If you have avoided your routine dental checkups, it’s possible for what was once a small cavity to grow exponentially in size. As the tooth decay spreads it could severely compromise the structural integrity of the tooth. It could even lead to a severe fracture, an infected root, dental abscess, or the total loss of the tooth.

If Dr. William Wilson and his team can’t viably treat the tooth by means of endodontic therapy, whatever remains might need to be totally extracted. This course of treatment might be necessary if a large dental abscess has developed in the underlying periodontal tissues.

Aftercare measures will likely include a prescription for pain medication. If warranted Dr. William Wilson might also include a course of antibiotics to alleviate any infection in the periodontal tissues.

Once any concerns of infection have been cleared up and your gums have fully healed Dr. William Wilson might recommend restoring the tooth’s presence in your mouth with a standard dental bridge. This is a single piece of dental work that has been used for decades to replace the basic function of a missing tooth.

It encompasses three teeth, consisting of a solid artificial tooth is completed fused with a crown on each end. It will eventually be anchored directly onto abutments formed from the two neighboring teeth.

The dental bridge will be created in a special dental lab from durable materials. You will need to return to Dr. William Wilson’s office for a second appointment to have your dental bridge cemented in place. This will complete the dental restoration process allowing you to enjoy a better functioning mouth for many years to come.

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