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Did you know the most effective way to treat a cavity is dental fillings? Ideally, we would prefer you prevent cavities in the first place, but sadly cavities can occur from time to time if your oral health standards and techniques are slightly off or ignored. Luckily, there are a few different types of dental fillings that can be used to stop the effects of tooth decay and prevent further damage from occurring. Listed below are some of their benefits:

– Cavities large and small can be filled in and protected from further damage. For larger cavities, metal-based dental amalgams tend to work best, and tooth-colored composites are a wonderful choice for smaller cavities, even ones too small for amalgams to even treat.
– Tooth-colored composites can be installed that match the natural look of your teeth, whereas amalgams retain their shiny metallic appearance.
– If an amalgam begins to leak or is damaged, it can be removed and replaced. If a composite begins to leak or is damaged, it can be repaired without removing the original filling.
– If you are allergic or wish to avoid the mercury included in amalgams, mercury-free tooth colored composites can be used instead.

If you think you have a cavity and want to schedule an oral exam for a dental filling with Dr. William Wilson and our team at our dentist office in Chicago, Illinois, please contact Chicago Osteopathic Hospital Dental Clinic PC at 773-947-4665. We look forward to helping you soon!